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Monday, 10 December 2018

Wema bank transfer code on Phone: Transfer Money, Recharge.

Wema Bank Transfer code to Other Banks

                                               Wema bank transfer code
Wema Bank Transfer code on phone offers its customers a wide range of products and services through its mobile banking portal. All aimed at making basic banking operations easier, more user- friendly and reliable. This has plenty of advantages compared to the manual operations that were once the only option available. Before Electronic banking systems were introduced, all banking operations were carried out manually.

They were very slow, inefficient, unreliable and dissatisfying to customers. Many times customers would have to show up at their banks very early in the morning just to get basic transactions done, and often times they ended up spending the whole day at the banks. Bank staff got exhausted, materials ran out of supply, and everyone just got angry!

The introduction of Electronic banking (E-banking) was done to curb these inefficiencies – which it did, to some extent. E-banking replaced all the manual procedures, but the customers still had to come to the bank physically. Over time, e-banking systems began to stagger under the weight of the ever increasing volumes of transactions that had to be processed. Many times issues of broken-down servers came up, as well as problems of network and connectivity to the bank’s central online administrative system.

However, the entry of Mobile Banking features into the Nigerian banking ecosystem eliminated almost all of these problems without much stress in one clean sweep. Nowadays, with mobile banking, customers need not appear in the bank to perform basic transactions again – as long as they have a network-enabled mobile phone to access their bank’s mobile banking portal. From the comfort of their homes or offices, they can easily perform transactions and receive appropriate notifications.

Wema Bank’s instant banking is hassle-free for your daily banking and it works on any type of phone; be it Android, IOS, Symbian or Java phones. With Wema Bank mobile money transfer code various transactions like money transfer, account balance, bills payment, airtime recharge, and email update can be performed on your phone without the internet.

How to Transfer Money with Wema Bank Transfer Code (Mobile Money)

You must have a phone number registered with the bank.
To transfer money from your Wema bank account to any bank account in Nigeria, dial *945*Account Number*Amount# and follow the on-screen command to complete the transaction. For example, you want to transfer N20,000 – dial *894*0056738973*20000#
The money is transferred and you receive an SMS informing you your transaction was successful.

Wema Bank Transfer code for Airtime Recharge Code – USSD Banking

To recharge your phone or any person’s phone number with airtime, simply dial *945*Phone Number*Amount# – for example if you want to recharge N3000, dial *945*08012345678*3000#

How To Check WEMA Bank Account Balance

Mobile banking works through a a unique USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) portal. Every bank has a unique code that when dialed, links directly to their mobile banking portal, through which their customers can access their account and perform basic transactions like account balance checking, money transfers, etc.

Wema Bank’s USSD portal is accessed by dialing *945#.

To check your account balance, simply dial *945*0# from your registered mobile phone number.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

How to Get Payoneer affiliate $25 Free Money via Referral code

Today I would show you how to earn $25 bonus from Payoneer, Just register on Payoneer Affiliate Program and start promoting your unique Payoneer affiliate link, it is that simple.
                              Payoneer Affiliate $25 Bonus
As a Payoneer account holder? Invite your friends and earn $25 for each referral

What Is Payoneer Affiliate $25 Bonus?

Along with Payment transferring and receiving, Payoneer also has many other incredible programs such as Referral Program ($25 Bonus Program) and Affiliate Program.

How to Share your Payoneer affiliate $25 Referral Link

Share your Payoneer affiliate $25 Referral Link

1. Log in to your Payoneer account.

2. From the main menu, click Activity and then Refer A Friend.

3. The Refer A Friend page will be displayed. At the top of the page 2 figures will be presented:

The number of your friends that have signed up to Payoneer through your referral
The amount of money that you have earned through the Refer A Friend program until today
Your referral link (URL) is displayed below the share icons. You can copy and paste this link into a website, blog post, landing page, etc. or you can share your link via email or directly to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feed.

*Note that these figures will only be displayed if at least one friend has signed up to Payoneer via your referral.
Email – To share your referral link with your email contacts:
payoneer Referral Links email
Click the email icon
Add the email addresses you would like to include
Use the existing message already created or write your own personalized message
Click Send

How to Track Your Referral Links

You can now monitor your referral stats and track sent emails from directly inside My Account. To view statistics regarding your Refer A Friend activity, click See Your Share Stats.

When Will the Payoneer Affiliate $25 Bonus Loaded to My Account?

After successfully referring a customer to Payoneer, you will receive an email about the new referral :
    How to Track Your Referral Links
and when the referred customer loads his/her account with at least $1000, you and; the referred customer’s account will be loaded with the Payoneer $25 bonus free within 1 to 2 weeks:

If you see you have earned a commission then it will take a few days in order that commission is funded and loaded to your account.
Payoneer affiliate $25 Free Money
If the mentioned months were passed and yet you didn’t receive the commission then try contacting the Payoneer Support and they will better further assist you.

Hope this guide helped you. If you have any question regarding this then we highly suggest you leave a review about Payoneer below.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

9mobile customer care number

9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, has millions of active subscribers on its network. 9mobile arguably give the best data services in terms of reception quality, compared to other network providers in the country. This article shows you how to use 9mobile customer care number , which is always available for the 24-hour period of the day, provide customers with a fast response to queries. As a regular customer there might be an issue, suggestions, request or complaint which you would want to notify the network about.
Hence, the 9mobile customer care offers one of the most durable customer services in Nigeria.
                                           9mobile customer care number             
Recently, when the foreign investors left the network provider (which led to a change in name to 9mobile), a majority of the subscribers on the network provider’s platform panicked. In fact, some subscribers migrated to other network providers. However, with the efforts of the new management, 9mobile is gaining back its strength and customer confidence by the day. Several customer incentives and promotions are on offer, which is aimed at attracting new customers, as well as to enhance customers’ satisfaction and assurance.

9mobile Customer Care Number

Just like other network providers, dialing of the customer care line, to speak directly with a customer care representative is the most preferred option of most subscribers on the 9mobile platform. However, you have to exercise some patience to speak to a customer care agent, as you will be put on hold for some seconds or minutes before a representative picks your call.

To reach the customer care of 9mobile, follow the steps below:

Dial 200, if you are calling directly from a 9mobile number.
Dial 08090000200, if you are calling from another network within Nigeria.
Dial +2348090000200, if you are calling from outside Nigeria. Addition of +234 (Nigeria’s dialling code) is imperative if you are calling any Nigerian line from outside the country.

How To speak to a 9mobile customer care agent Fast

Dial 200 on your 9mobile number

Press 1 for language eng...tells balance
press 3 for more options
Press 4 for complaints...after a few seconds you will be transferred to a call centre agent.

Contact 9mobile Customer Care on Facebook
Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform in the world, with close to a billion users globally. As such, a majority of the Nigeria citizens (especially the youths) have accounts on Facebook. So if you have an account(s) on Facebook, you can easily navigate to the official 9mobile Nigeria Facebook page, and drop your complaints and queries. A customer care representative will reply to you in no time.

Contact 9mobile Customer Care number on Twitter
You can also reach out to 9mobile’s customer care unit via Twitter. To make enquiries or complaints via Twitter, kindly follow @9mobilengcare, and send a tweet or DM. The 9mobile customer care Twitter handler will reply to you in a matter of minutes.

Contact 9mobile Customer Care via your Nearest Experience Centre
To solve some critical issues, you might require the physical presence of a Customer service agent. 9mobile has erected Experience Centres in virtually all the major cities, across the country. You can locate the 9mobile experience centre(s) closest to you here.

Note: 9mobile Experience centres are accessible to customers only on working days (8 am to 5 pm every day).

E-mail Contact
Do you have an email address? Do you have a complaint to lodge or enquiry to make regarding 9mobile services? If your answer to both questions is yes, then simply send an email (detailing your complaints and queries) to this address: A customer service agent will reply to you in no time.

9mobile self-service code is *200#

9mobile Website & Live Chat.
Another means of getting issues resolved fast or getting answer to questions is by chatting with an agent live via their website.
9mobile website is 
Live Chat: Click on the live chat icon at the bottom right corner of any page on their website.

Conclusively, you might want to try posting your queries and complaints via the post office. To do this, simply address your letter (detailing your complaints/queries) to the “The Manager, Customer Care/Service department” and mail the letter, via the post office, to either of the following addresses;

9mobile Head Office,
Plot 19, Zone L,
Banana Island,
Ikoyi Lagos.

 Have you ever needed to contact 9mobile customer care number be it for complaints, request or inquiries? Kindly share your experiences with us below...


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

How to borrow data from etisalat (9mobile's morecredit)

Learn how to borrow airtime and data from Etisalat using easycredit(more credit). Easycredit is the Etisalat service that gives you a more flexible way to borrow airtime for voice, data and additional services on the Etisalat network and repay the loan on your next recharge.
                                            How to borrow data from etisalat             
Yep. Whenever you run out of mobile data, and you don’t have enough airtime to purchase a new bundle, your mobile network provider has got you covered.

Most network providers do require a 3-month period of usage for you to be eligible to borrow data.

How to borrow data from Etisalat (MB)

To borrow etisalat data or MB using etisalat easycredit or 9mobile morecredit  via *665#, do the following:
Find out if you’re eligible for easycredit by dialing *665*3#, or by texting STATUS to 665.
To borrow data from Etisalat, you have to borrow Etisalat credit first by dailling*665*Amount#, for example, dial *665*50# to borrow N50, or text “amount” to 665.
Subscribe to one of Etisalat data plan with the borrowed credit.
For you to borrow airtime, you have to be eligible, please find out the terms and conditions for eligibility below:

Terms and Conditions
easycredit is available to all pre-paid customers and can be used in the same way as normal airtime.
you can borrow N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, N1,150 and N2600.
you can pay back the airtime loan in various ways, including recharge card vouchers or an e-top up. transferred airtime from other customers – apart from borrowed airtime – can also be used.
you’ll pay 15% of the borrowed amount as a service fee. For example, when you borrow N50 you’ll receive N42.50.

Don't get stranded while filling a form online or miss out on an important update because of low data. Instead turn to this guide on how to borrow data from etisalat (9mobile) using more credit


Sunday, 18 November 2018

Access bank transfer code

Access bank transfer code/USSD Banking made Easy

Access bank transfer code
 This post contains USSD Code to transfer money from Access Bank to other banks on your mobile device with or without internet | Android, iOS, Windows etc.

How To Get code to transfer money from Access Bank to other Banks on your mobile device below.

There is nothing stopping you from doing a money transfer from Access Bank to other banks on your mobile device. You can carry out this transaction anywhere and at any time convenient for you.

Access Bank now support direct mobile transfer of funds on your mobile device, it works on all mobile device (works on Android, iOS, Windows, etc) with or without internet, all you need to do is to enter the USSD code on the number registered with your Access account.

This service is packed with many benefits:
It's fast, convenient, and secure
Its availability 24/7
It saves you the stress of queuing up in the banking halls
You can pay all utility bills from the comfort of your home.

Before any transaction can be made using the *901# service, it has now been made mandatory that the access bank customer creates his/her unique security code which will be required for any *901# service. PREVIOUSLY, only the last four(4) digits of the BVN was required but recently, the BVN digits is no longer in use.

Below are the step to step process of registration
On your bank registered phone number, dial *901#
Follow the generated prompt to select 8(NEXT) then 5(CREATE PIN) option to Create/Reset Pin
Enter the last four(4) digits of your Access bank ATM Card
You will be requested to enter your choice 4 to 6 digits security code which will be used for all transaction

After successful registration, you can now make use of any of the transfer codes below and on request, input your security code to initiate transfer.


Transfer to other banks: Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. Charge is N80+N4.00(VAT)
Transfer to Access Bank: Dial *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#  from your phone number, then authenticate with your transfer security code.
NOTE: You can only use the Phone No. you used to open your Access bank account and the daily limit for transfers is N20,000.

You can also open an Access Bank account  from anywhere without visiting the branch and this service does not require filling of forms. No minimum opening balance is required.
Dial *901*0# and follow the text prompts
You will be asked to provide your personal details or your BVN number
Upon provision of the required details, you will receive an SMS with details of your new account number.
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First bank transfer code - USSD*894# Quick Banking
Etisalat data plan - The Full Package
How to borrow data from Airtel

Access Bank Transfer Code ( USSD Money )

To transfer money from Access bank to another bank, follow the steps below;

Dial *901# and follow the instruction.
Select 2 (Transfer Funds)
Select 1 to transfer to Access bank or 2 transfer to other banks
Enter Amount
Enter Account Number and follow the prompt.
If you can’t use the USSd code method to trasnfer funds across to other account holders then here is an alternative to that method;

Access Bank Transfer Via Mobile App
You can send money using your Access bank mobile apllication. I use this too often, may be because I think it’s more secure than the above. Anyway, here are the steps..

Click here to download the Access bank mobile application on iPhone and Android to get started.
With your Access Bank, you can purchase data for all communication network by dialing *901*8#

You can also check the status of your account any time, wherever you are. This service is free of charge
Simply Dial *901*5# on your Access Bank registered phone number
Input your security code
Your account balance is immediately generated after this has been provided.
This Access Bank *901# USSD Banking is available on all networks and it supports all smart and feature mobile phones. Only customers with an Access Bank account can perform transactions using *901#. Airtime is not required to use *901# but some Service providers charge for USSD code transactions. Finally, you can also use this service outside Nigeria as long as you are roaming your mobile number.

For assistance, additional queries and support using *901#, please call the Access Bank Contact Centre on 07002255222377 or send an email to
You can also start a conversation with the Access Bank Live Chat

 Kindly use the share button to let others know! about Access bank transfer code

Saturday, 17 November 2018

How to borrow data from Airtel

how to borrow data from Airtel

This post will show you how to borrow data from Airtel and keep using your phone.
Nigeria's leading provider of prepaid, postpaid mobile, & 4G services. These days you can Recharge your prepaid mobile & pay your postpaid bills online even when you have no money.
                                        how to borrow data from Airtel
Follow these easy:
Note, that before borrowing from Airtel you have to be eligible to borrow. So here is what you need to check before learning how to borrow data from Airtel ng: Make sure that you are an active subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months or (90 days). You can borrow from Airtel only if you regularly top up airtime on your AIRTEL line.
 Before you can borrow airtime from any network, you have to be qualified.
You cannot recieva a new airtime loan without paying your current airtime or data loan. Note! The that 15% service charge will be deducted from the amount of airtime you borrowed. That is, if you request for N200 credit, your phone will be credited with N170 while N30 goes to Airtel as service charge. How to borrow from Airtel How to borrow airtime from Airtel? There are two ways to Borrow data from Airtel network using Airtel USSD code: Dial *500# or *121# or by simply dialling 14495 and follow the instructions

How to borrow data from Airtel: STEPS

To borrow airtel data or MB using Airtel Extra Credit via *500#, do the following:

To borrow data from Airtel simply dial *500#
Choose Option 3 for Borrow Data
Choose the amount of MB you want from the option.
You can borrow 10MB for N50, 50MB for N100 and 200MB for N200.

I am sure you are here because you have searched all across the internet for how to borrow Airtel data/MB and credit/airtime and everyone tells you can’t borrow on Airtel. We are here to tell you it is possible to borrow on Airtel network using Airtel USSD code either *500#, *121# or by simply dialling 14495.  Terms and conditions apply!  Before you can borrow airtime from any network, you have to be qualified.

Images on Airtel Extra credit: How to Borrow Airtel Data and How to Borrow Airtel Data

Codes for Borrowing Data on Airtel
There are two codes for borrowing data:
1. *500#
2. *121#

How to borrow data or MB from Airtel
To borrow airtel data or MB using Airtel Extra Credit via *500#, do the following:

To borrow data from Airtel simply dial *500#
Choose Option 3 for Borrow Data
Choose the amount of MB you want from the option.
You can borrow 10MB for N50, 50MB for N100 and 200MB for N200.

Now how can you be qualified to borrow airtime from Airtel? Check the terms and conditions below:

Terms & Conditions: How to be eligible to borrow credit from Airtel
You need to be an active subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months or (90 days).
You also need to be regularly loading airtime on your AIRTEL line.
Your Line must be registered and actively used.
You must not have an unpaid Auto Credit airtime. You must settle this first before applying again.
The amount you will receive is less 15% service charge. That is, if you request for N200 credit, your phone will be credited with N170 while N30 goes to Airtel as service charge.
If you have gone through the above terms and conditions and your SIM card meets the requirement, you can proceed to borrow data from Airtel using the guide.

This is how to borrow data from Airtel Network. Let us know below if it works for you.

Etisalat data plan - The Full Package
40 Everyday Items You Didn't Know Had A Purpose
First bank transfer code - USSD*894# Quick Banking

Saturday, 10 November 2018

First bank transfer code - USSD*894# Quick Banking

Transfer of funds from one account to the other has never been simple until the introduction of Internet banking which paved the way for other related services that grants 24 /7 access to banking services online (First bank transfer code) to carry out banking transactions without visiting the bank.
                                          First bank transfer code                                                  
894 is a quick, convenient, secure and easy way to perform your banking transactions (transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more) anytime and anywhere, using any type of phone without need for internet connectivity or data.

Once you have a FirstBank account with a linked debit card, a phone number profiled for SMS alert and a mobile phone, you are just one dial away from enjoying the unbeatable 894 experience.

Banking transactions can now be performed on the go irrespective of location or time as there is no worry of internet connectivity or a token device, but only a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To send money, simply dial *894*Amount*Account Number#; select beneficiary bank; confirm amount, beneficiary name and enter five-digit PIN; then select account to debit. For airtime recharge: simply dial *894*Amount# to recharge for self; to recharge for others, dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and enter five-digit PIN. FirstBank customers can transfer up to N100,000.00 per day and recharge airtime up to N10,000.00 per day. To generate account mini statement, dial *894*Account Number#, and to check account balance, the magic code is *894*00#.

How to transfer money - First bank to First Bank and other Banks without Internet

First Bank transfer code

Ensure you have enough Balance in your account to make the transfer and dial *894*amount*Account number# and select Destination bank to send money.
The account name you're transferring money to will be displayed for verification purpose.
You will be required to enter your 4 Digit ATM Card PIN if this is your first transaction and also create a 5-digit code that will be used to complete transfers.
NOTE: The code must be dialed from the Phone number linked with your First bank Account. (The number you receive transaction SMS alerts on)

The first bank USSD Transfer option is now as easy as other banks transfer codes I've used.
Users of First bank who don't use a smartphone, don't data or can't go to the bank especially on weekends like this, you have no option than to use the First Bank USSD code for transfers.

Alternatively, you can choose to download the First Bank Mobile Application, get registered by entering your ATM Card details to link your account with the App but transfers will require that you obtain a hardware from first bank branch or use soft-token (SMS codes) which sets a 200,000 limit on daily transactions.

So, enjoy Quick Banking with USSD FirstBank transfer Code *894#

Direct questions on this subject matter or complaints to First bank customer care:
0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000
or email

Friday, 9 November 2018

30+ Everyday Items Have Uses You Didn’t Even Know Existed

There are things right under our nose that can be making our lives easier if only we observed more closely.
Sound untrue? Just wait and see. The 30+ items below have uses that very few people regularly take advantage of. And since they're here to make our lives easier, it's about time we became aware of them! So, we’re going to tell you about it today.

Backpacks are built to carry more than their pockets hold. Even something as simple as a doorknob has more than one function. You'll be astounded at how many products are designed to make our lives easy.

Those little buttons on your jeans, those rugged marks on your tires, and the tab at the end of your measuring tape. You know what we’re talking about. But you don’t know exactly what they do.

Here Are 35+ Everyday Items You Didn’t Know Had A Purpose:

1.) Brass doorknobs are lifeSavers

Brass doorknobs are antibacterial
If you’ve noticed that many doorknobs are made of brass, that’s because The surfaces of copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial.Hence, prevent the spread of germs.
Brass kills bacteria, making the doorknobs germ-proof, which is ideal when so many hands touch them each day

2.) Small hole on an elevator door?

Small hole on an elevator door
Ever notice the small hole on an elevator door? That’s there so that staff can get it open in case of emergency.

A drop key can open the door.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Etisalat data plan - The Full Package

9mobile(etisalat) still has the best internet data service in most locations in Nigeria, and because of this they are my first choice whenever i need a reliable internet service.
Etisalat data plan
Although hings have not been the same ever since they re-branded from Etisalat to 9Mobile. Etisalat data plan bundles are reliable but quite expensive when compared to Glo data bundles.
etisalat data plans are available in daily , weekly and monthly packages which i will discuss below.
Important details :

You can check your data balance on the Etisalat network by dialing *228#
To disable autorenew , dial *229*0#
 Rollover applies to auto renewal or new plan purchased before the expiration of current one.

Etisalat Data PlanPriceSubscription CodeValidity
100GB#84,992 *229*4*5#365 days


                                            ETISALAT DAILY DATA PLANS

1. 10MB for ₦50

50 gives you 10MB, which is valid for 24hrs. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*3*8#
Text “MI3” to 229

2. 40MB for ₦100

100 gives you 40MB, which is valid for 24hrs. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*3*1#
Text “MI1” to 229

                                             ETISALAT WEEKLY DATA PLANS

3. 150MB for ₦200

#200 gives you 150MB, which is valid for 7days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*10#
Text “LCD” to 229

                                               ETISALAT WEEKEND DATA PLAN

4. 1GB for ₦500

500 gives you 1GB, which is valid from friday 11:59pm - sunday 11:59pm. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*10#
Text “LCD” to 229

                                        ETISALAT EVENING AND WEEKEND PLANS

5. 2GB for ₦1000

2GB for #1000 evening & weekend plan works from (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend from Friday till Sunday, and is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*3*12#

6. 5GB for ₦2000

5GB for 2000 evening & weekend plan works from (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend from Friday till Sunday, and is valid for 30days It also comes with a 100MB whatsapp bundle that works(24/7). To get this bundle,

Dial *229*3*13#

                                              ETISALAT MONTHLY DATA PLANS

1. 500MB for ₦500

Well mtn offers something better here, though valid for just 7days. For etisalat,  #500 gives you 500MB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*11#
Text “smarta” to 8183

2. 1GB for ₦1000

1000 gives you 1GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*22#
Text “smartb” to 8183

3. 1.5GB for ₦1,200

1,200 gives you 1.5GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*25#
Text “AND11” to 229

4. 2.5GB for ₦2000

2000 gives you 2.5GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*44#
Text “smartc” to 8183

5. 4GB for ₦3,000

3,000 gives you 4GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,
Dial *229*2*35#

6. 5GB for ₦3,500

3,500 gives you 5GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*33#
Text “smartd” to 8183

7. 11.5GB for ₦8,000

8,000 gives you 11.5GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*2*55#
Text “smarte” to 8183

8. 15GB for ₦10,000

₦10,000 gives you 15GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*4*1#
Text “smartf” to 8183

8. 27.5GB for ₦18,000

₦18,000 gives you 27.5GB, which is valid for 30days. To get this bundle,

Dial *229*4*3#

Text “smartg” to 8183

Etisalat Quartely / Yearly Plans

1.) 30GB for #27,500 :
Price : #27,500
Data Volume : 30GB
Validity : 90days
To subscribe :

Dial *229*5*1#

2). 60GB for #55,000 :
Price : #55,000
Data Volume : 60GB
Validity : 120days
To subscribe :


3). 100GB for #84,992 :
Price : #84,992
Data Volume : 100GB
Validity : 365days

Dial *229*4*5#

                                          ETISALAT NIGHT DATA PLAN
This etisalat night plan gives you 500MB for just ₦50, before now, this plan goes for 200 and gives 1GB for your night browsing from 12 a.m to 5 a.m.

8. 1GB for  200

Etisalat's 1GB night plan works form 12 a.m to 5 a.m, and it costs 200

To subscribe,

Dial *229*3*11#

                                       ETISALAT FREE BROWSING PLAN
 Etisalat Free Basic: This allows you to surf Sites like Facebook, FB messenger, Supersports,, Nairaland, Jobberman and lots more for free.Not a lot of people are using this etisalat free basic. It is worth trying sometime.

To begin,visit and you are good to go.

Etisalat Smartpaks (Data Plan For Social Network)

Etisalat smartpak is a special package for online video streaming and social media. It offers unlimited access to social networks like WhatsApp , WeChat , Facebook , Instagram and BBM.

This plan is ideal for subscribers who spend their time on social media.

1). Chat Pak :
As the name implies , Etisalat chat pak is for keeping in touch (chatting) on social media.

It offers daily , weekly and monthly access to just 3 apps ; WhatsApp , BBM , WeChat.

Daily price : #50
Weekly price : #150
Monthly price : #400
Access to : WhatsApp , BBM , WeChat
Daily subscription code : *343*5*5#
Weekly subscription code : *343*5*6#
Monthly subscription code : *343*5*7#

2). Social Me Pak :
Unlike Chat Pak , Etisalat Social Pak spans beyond just chatting.

It provides daily , weekly and monthly access to social media using apps like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Eskimi and WhatsApp.

Daily price : #100
Weekly price : #300
Monthly price : #700
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Daily subscription code : *343*6*7#
Weekly Subscription code : *343*6*8#
Monthly subscription code : *343*6*9#

3). Video Pak :
Etisalat Video Pak is for subscribers who watch videos online.

It provides time-based , unlimited video streams from any app.

2 hours : #400
3 hours : #500
7 hours : #1,000
Access to : Unlimited video stream from any app
2hours subscription code : *229*3*5#
3hours subscription code : *253*1#
7hours subscription code : *253*2#

4). Special Smart Chat Pak :
This is a special package that offers all the benefits of Chat Pak PLUS an extra 1.5GB data allowance ; all for just #500.

Offer : Chat Pak + 1.5GB data allowance
Price : #500
Validity : 1 week
Access to : BBM, WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook messenger (chat only)
Subscription code : *343*5*10#

5). Special Smart Social Pak :
The Special Social Pak offers the full benefits of Social Pak PLUS an extra 2GB data allowance valid for 1 week.

Offer : Social Pak + 2GB data allowance
Price : #700
Validity : 1 week
Access to : BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, Wechat, Kakao Talk
Subscription code : *343*6*12#

I hope you found this article useful.  If you did , help me spread the word by sharing this article with your friends on social media.

Also , i’ll like to know which etisalat data plan (9mobile data plan) you are currently subscribed to. Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Monday, 29 October 2018

How Android got big

How Android got Popular

Android is now the world’s most dominant operating system and that Google invested in buying and developing Android primarily because it wanted to ensure that Microsoft didn’t take that crown.
How Android got Popular
How did Android become so dominant? Like any big trend with a multitude of causes, there’s no one answer to that question. But in this week’s Processor, Let us examine one of those causes.


By arguing that Verizon is one of the reasons that Android is now huge, I want to be clear that I don’t believe that its support was a sufficient (or perhaps even necessary) condition for Android’s success. Rather, the carrier ended up acting like a sort of kingmaker.


Back in 2009, smartphone competition looked very different than it does today. The iPhone had shaken up the entire industry, but in the US, it was still exclusive to AT&T. Verizon — which had turned down the chance at that exclusivity — was casting about for some kind of consolation-prize phone for its customers. There was a lot of talk about the “iPhone killer” that seems ridiculous now, but it wasn’t quite so ridiculous then.

And though this is mainly a story about the US side of the smartphone battle, I think it’s fair to say that the US was ground zero for it in 2009. It’s absolutely fair to say that nobody had more power to tip the scales in that fight in the US than the carriers.

In addition to Android and the iPhone, there was competition from Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and whatever was still left of Palm OS. Each of those platforms had advantages and disadvantages, but those last four were built on old and increasingly rickety foundations.

Verizon learned that the hard way when it bet on the atrocious BlackBerry Storm in 2008, which had the “innovation” of making the entire screen a physical button, so you had to literally click down on the screen to type. By 2009, Verizon needed to try something else.

There were two options on the table. One was the Palm Pre Plus, the second iteration of the webOS phone that fixed some of the problems of the original. As we reported back in 2012, Verizon had put in a big order and promised a big marketing blitz for the Pre Plus.
I can’t really say how much Verizon actually thought the Pre Plus could be the “iPhone killer,” or if Verizon was simply using it as leverage for its other big bet. That big bet, of course, was Google, Android, and the Motorola Droid.

You probably know what happened next. Verizon pushed all its chips behind the Motorola Droid — 100 million of them, to be precise, which was also the dollar amount of the marketing campaign it put behind the Droid. That money came in addition to whatever it cost to license the word “droid” from George Lucas.

The ads from that campaign were completely unavoidable in the run-up to and release of the Motorola Droid. It was so huge that it set the Droid up as Verizon’s iPhone alternative. But it did more than that: it positioned Android as the de facto “other” smartphone to the iPhone.

It doesn’t hurt that the Droid was a good phone, better in several ways than the Palm Pre Plus. But, again, big trends have multiple causes, and just making the better phone isn’t necessarily a sufficient condition for success. It also doesn’t hurt that it had the support of Google, which participated so much in its development that I’ve heard Googlers refer to it as the unofficial first Nexus phone. Palm was left to release its phone later and with much less marketing support. And to be honest, it never really recovered after that.

Anyway, I can’t bring up that ad campaign without pointing out that it was incredibly sexist. Kara Swisher, as usual, put it best in her article from 2009: “Is the New Droid Ad Anti-Women and Anti-Gay or Just Plain Idiotic? Actually, All Three!”

Verizon’s misogynistic ad campaign caused a lot of toxicity in the discourse around smartphones. It not only encouraged people to make what smartphone they chose a part of their personal identity, but it did so in a way that encouraged them to denigrate people who made other choices. Google’s more recent “Be together, not the same” campaign was a nice counter to that trend. But in many ways, the damage to the culture surrounding smartphone communities had already been done.

I don’t want to mourn the alternate world that could have come to pass — even though I do think the smartphone market was a lot more vibrant when there were more viable competitors out there. I just want to point out that a thing’s popularity isn’t tied simply to its quality. Especially in the US, phones don’t just succeed or fail based on their own merits. There are always bigger forces with their own motivations putting their fingers on the scales.

Verizon and the Droid didn’t make Android what it is today, but it’s also true that Android wouldn’t be what it is today without them.


Saturday, 1 September 2018

Forget 4K TVs — 8K televisions are already here

Though 4K TVs remain short on Ultra High Definition 4K content outside of some streaming services and Blu-ray discs, three of the biggest television manufacturers are pushing the limits of screen resolution even higher by introducing their own 8K sets.
8K screen viewed from just 7 feet away is going to look sharper than a 4K TV
“The time has come for us to champion the next era in screen resolution,” Samsung U.K. TV marketing director Guy Kinnell said at that firm’s press conference Thursday morning at the IFA tech trade show here. “Viewers can see what they’ve never seen on a TV before.”

But the 8K sets introduced by Samsung, LG and TCL—each offering 33,177,600 pixels instead of the 8,294,400 pixels found on 4K TVs—don’t deserve your dollars. They offer exponentially less stuff to watch in their native resolutions, the extra pixels are noticeable by the human eye at most viewing distances, and they use more power.

“8K is overkill,” said Mark Vena, senior analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. In this case, more is not better. It only equals more money gone from your bank account.

Samsung, LG and TCL’s 8K debuts

Samsung put the biggest emphasis on 8K at IFA, showing off 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch and 85-inch sets without announcing prices or shipping dates. Those details won’t come until October.

At its press conference, the Korean firm pitched 8K as a logical answer to a steady increase in screen sizes and suggested that its software’s ability to upconvert 4K footage would solve the problem of having nothing to watch in 8K.

At Samsung’s exhibit, a highlight reel showed clips originally produced in standard definition, high-def and 4K, alongside 8K-enhanced versions of each. The 4K clips enhanced to 8K showed the least difference, especially from more than a few feet away, while HD video shown in 8K looked meaningfully sharper. But an SD clip of two TV anchors enhanced to 8K left the announcers looking disturbingly plastic.

LG only announced one 8K set, an 88-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV. OLED screens offer better contrast ratios and are much thinner than the LED-backlit LCDs that dominate the market, but also cost a lot more.

Is my 4K TV about to become obsolete?

No. 1080p TVs aren’t obsolete, though I would argue they are inferior to today’s 4K HDR TVs. 8K resolution is an incremental upgrade over 4K, and valuable only at large screen sizes. Keep in mind that HDR is what really makes today’s TVs pop, and it is only in 65-inch screen sizes and above that 4K resolution is all that meaningful. Still, good luck buying a 1080p TV in any screen size over 40-inches. 4K is just the new standard now, and look, we’re all doing just fine, even if it is harder for some folks to get 4K content.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Google Digital Skills for Africa: Get new skills for a digital world

Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.
                                           Google digitalskills africa

  • Discover tools to make your business succeed
  • Improve your interview skills
  • Prepare for the career you want

Simple steps for your growth
Choose a Skill: Whether you are a student or a business, at the start or in the middle of your journey, here you can choose the lessons that are right for you.

Learn at your own pace
reate your own unique learning plan on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Get Certified
Track your progress and receive an accredited certificate that can help you boost your linkedIn profile and CV.

Increase productivity at work
Managing time successfully is essential to ensuring you're as productive as possible. Learn how to boost your productivity with cloud collaboration tools, as well as how mastering prioritisation and delegation can help you maximise your effectiveness at work.

Intro to machine learning

Machine learning is a powerful new tool for solving problems: from filtering a photo collection to helping people tackle some of the world's most pressing global challenges in health, environment, and beyond. In these videos, we'll explore what these technologies are and how they can be applied in real life to help businesses grow.

Intro to Code
Code is what powers so much of what we do online, both for work and play. In these videos, you'll learn what code is, why so many coding languages exist, and how they are matched to achieve specific tasks. Most importantly, you’ll learn why having a basic understanding of code could be beneficial for you.

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