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Monday, 18 January 2016

8 Essential Tips To Make Your android battery last longer

Since the invention of smartphones in 1993. One of its major challenges has been its battery life..I guess it follows..with geat power comes great responsibility. Being a micro computer, it carries out various tasks ranging from simple to complex one while simultaneously running other programs in the background.

Tips On How To Improve your smartphone battery life

1. Reduce the Brightness Of the screen

       This activity can be made automated using:
                  bluelight filter for androidtwilight app for android
  • Twilight app for Android- 
  • Twilight has options to dim the screen by even reducing the phone’s brightness even less than minimum by using “Screen dim” option.
  • Twilight tops our list just because you can customize the display behavior and color temperature using the filters or on movements of Sun (depending upon the phone’s time) . For e.g the general display of our phone’s are built using cool colors recommended during day time , and the same hamper our eyes during night, and hence we need to increase the color temperature for night use. Another nice app is Bluelight filter for Android

2. Connectivity Application

android connectivity bar
Connectivity applications include: Bluetooth,WIFI, mobile network (Data connection), Gps etc. All of these applications work wirelessly,Hence consume lots of battery when left running.To regulate their activity,you can use  DOZE.
                                                                      doze for android

3. Notifications

                                                                      android notifications
Notifications, has an important part to play on an Android user interface. A notification can provide multiple actions.usually this action opens an Activity in your application. Such as snoozing an alarm or responding immediately to a text message etc.These notifications also run down a phone's battery significantly. Hence try and shut them down after viewing them...DOZE also manages notifications.

4. Turn Of The Vibration

android vibration
Most mobile users leave the vibration on for incoming calls,app notifications, keyboard vibration e.t.c. These are actually serious battery drainers as vibration consumes more battery than it takes to ring it.

5. Outdated Applications

Most of us have outdated applications on our phones,and some of the applications installed on our phones (games and others) are not being used. These considerably run our batteries down seriously,because updating our applications comes with several fixes and tweaks to makes these applications more efficient thereby consuming less battery.

6. Disable auto-synchronization options

Applications like facebook,twitter,reddit etc work by giving you push notifications. These are serious battery drainers. Hence should be disabled when not needed. also applications like e-mail and Google accounts work with auto-sync. hence should be managed thus: just go into Settings and Google account and turn off auto-sync for those apps you don't need constantly updated 

7. Download Ad-free apps Instead

Most of the free applications we have on the internet are choking with advertisements which the developer uses to gain some extra income. Some of these ads are very aggressive and pop-up frequently thereby reducing the enjoyment of these apps. These ads-filled apps are serious drainers of android battery. So,download cautiously

8.Turn Off Google voice search

The OK google voice search which is embedded  in most android phones can be very useful, but at the same time, they are serious battery drainers.To disable it, Go into Google settings from your app drawer and tap Voice heading. On the next page, select OK Google detection. In this menu, the best option for battery life would be to untick all the boxes, but if you are a fan of OK Google, just tick the From the Google app box to ensure your device is only listening when you're in the Google app.


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