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Saturday, 23 January 2016

9 Tricks for Saving Mobile Data On Your Android Phone

1.Stop Auto-update of Apps from Google play store.

Many android apps automatically update from google play store. These apps consume lots of data from your data bundle. Like we all know there are daily updates for Facebook app on Google Play Store. Update your Important apps only with free wifi networks these save you lots of data usage.

Google Play Store Settings
2. Now you see Auto Update Option in settings.
                                             Google Play Store Settings Auto Update
3. Choose Do not auto-update apps option and your apps will not automatically update on your phone.This trick really saves your lots of data on your android phone.

2. Set Data Mobile Limit in Android Phone

Always use mobile data limit feature on your android phone.With this feature you know how much data you use and how much data is left on your phone.

3. Stop Background Apps on Your Phone

Facebook and Twitter apps really consume lots of data on your phone. But when you minimize these android apps they consume your mobile data in the background.The Solution is very simple, use any Ram Cleaner or you can use apps for stopping background apps on your phone. If you are a rooted mobile user or a un rooted mobile user , you can download Greenify android app. This appworks for both rooted and un-rooted android users.
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
Greenify stops the background processes of apps on your phone thereby saving you mobile data. Greenify also increasees your android phone performance.

4. Stop Media Auto Download on Whatsapp

We use Whatsapp daily on our android phones for sending messages. But like we all know you can also send and recieve media (images, video and audio) on your phone. Whatsapp Auto-downloads this media in your phone and believe me guys this thing really consumes lots of data on your phone.
Stop Media Auto-Download in Whatsapp Messanger App
  1. Open Whatsapp Messanger App in Your Phone and Go to the Settings..
  2. OPen settings Option in Whatsapp
  3.  Select Media Auto-Download option.
   4.  Now deselect all media in your mobile data option.
  Auto-Download Consumes lots of data on phone, this settings saves your some mobile data.
5. Use Facebook Lite App
Facebook is a really amazing app but this app slows down your phone and also use lots of mobile data in phone. Recently Facebook launched Facebook Lite app for slow 2G internet users and users who want saves mobile data on phone. Facebook Lite app size is 500KB and uses less data on your phone.

6. Reduce Data Usage in Browsing (Google Chrome Browser)

When you browse the internet on your android phone, you spend lots of data. Google Chrome browser gives you an option to save your mobile data with Data Saver feature. Turning on Data Saver feature , compresses all images and webpages in Chrome for  saving you some Mobile Data.
Use Opera Mini Browser for low data usage on phone.

7. Instagram

You can also turn on Data Saver feature in Instagram for saving less data on phone.

8. Stop Ads in Mobile Games

When you play some games on your phone see lots of ads and video ads on your phone.To avoid this stop data connection and you will never see those irritating ads on your phone.
9. Restrict Data Usage for Certain Android Apps(Firewall in Android Phone)
Many android apps use internet on your android phone without your permission. You can block those apps for using internet on your android phone by using firewall feature. Download Firewall+ android app to do this for


If you have any tricks that we did not mentioned here, you can drop your comments below.

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