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Monday, 18 January 2016

How To unlock android phone Password Or Pattern Lock Easily

diasble pattern lock for androidunlock password lock on android

As efficient as the human brain is, it is not prefect so anybody could forgot sensitive details like password or perhaps the pattern unlock sequence used in securing his/her android device, in this post, I will share ideas on how to unlock android phone or pattern unlock of any android device with some few simple steps, all you simply have to do is to follow these instructions sequentially and you will see the result.



1. First Turn off your android device.
2. After switching off your android device, press your volume up button {+}  and at the same time press the power button  hold theses two buttons down.
android volume and power buttons:
volume and power button
    It will start a secret terminal interface.
    android system recovery or terminal
Then use the  volume up and down keys to scroll up and down.
Then you will get to the option  WIPE data/FACTORY RESET/DELETE ALL USER DATA.

select it by pressing the power button then wait.
N.B:  after selecting this option you would lose all of your files.

To avoid loosing your files follow this guide

Your device will take some time to boot but after a few minutes it will restart and you will find out that you have successfully unlocked your android phone password and the pattern unlock sequence.

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