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Friday, 8 January 2016


A modem is an electronic device that makes possible the transfer of data in and out of a computer.
These days people do not really use usb modems, because of access to the internet through their varios smartphones, whose internet could be shared to pcs,and laptops via WIFI network. However there are situations that warrant the use of a modem.
   Let me use myself as an example, I do have an android phone for calls,chatting,messaging and so on, but my modem is still very much handy because I use it with ease on any network that provides a very affordable internet at any point in time. so, with my unlocked huawei usb modem, I just slot in any simcard of any network and use on a larger screen for streaming,downloads,assignments and so on
   Today, I am going to give steps on how to unlock your modem using an huawei modem online unlocker


1. Go to this WEBSITE
2. Click on log in with google+ as shown below.
3. Write down the modem's 15 digits IMEI and the model number in their respective Boxes then click on calculate and wait till it calculates the code. 
            huawei modem online unlocker
You can find the IMEI and model number on the body of the modem.
4. You can see the unlock code for new Algo as well as old algo.
             huawei modem unlock code
5. Now plug in the modem with an unsupported sim card. It would display a notification box to input unlock code.
6.  Input either the new or old algo code as shown above.
I have tested this on my huawei E173u-2 modem and it is confirmed working.

huawei modem code writer tool

  This tool comes in handy if your model doesn't prompt you for an unlock code after you slot in an unsuppored sim card. You can download it here
Please drop your comments below if you have any difficulties.


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