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Friday, 22 January 2016

Quick tips to adjust the volume in google maps with voice navigation

Google map’sTurn-by-turn navigation is a feature of some GPS navigation devices where directions for a selected route are continually presented to the user in the form of spoken and visual instructions. But what can you do if you want to adjust the navigation voice volume level? Keep reading on to find out how.

How to adjust the voice volume level in Google Maps navigation
       google map menu button
  1. Open the Google Maps app, and click on the menu button that you can see in the upper left corner.
        settings in google maps
  2. Scroll down to the Settings tab, and click on it.
      navigation settings in google maps
  3. After that, you should see a Navigation settings tab - again, click on it.
      voice level options in google maps
  4. Inside the Navigation settings sub-menu, there's a Voice level tab that will, of course, allow you to       change the voice volume.
       google maps voice level
 Unfortunately, there's no slider to let you adjust the volume to your heart's will. But there are three voice level options that you can select: Normal (this is the default), Louder, and Softer. The differences between these sound levels is very significant. Hence it does the trick.
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