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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to use auto-correct on iPhone and iPad

It is now very easy to work with texts on your apple devices,all you have to do is touch,hold and explore.Spelling mistakes, missing words, auto-correct malfunctions, and even using the wrong words can really screw up your communication. No one expects you to be perfect the first time you do anything, including typing a sentence. Apple has made it super easy to edit any text you have typed, which means you shouldn't have to stress too much when it comes to typing anything on your phone.
Whether it's text messages to friends or important thoughts in the Notes app, editing can be done with ease, and multiple different ways.

How to use spelling correction on  iPhone and iPad

Simple spelling mistakes are very quick to find and fix. Whenever you spell something wrong you will notice a red-dotted line will appear below the misspelled word and you can fix them with just a few simple taps.
  1.     Tap on the misspelled word. It will have a red-dotted line underneath it.
  2.    Tap on the correct spelling of the word that appears above.
NB-No suggested spelling will be displayed if the word is misspelled so badly that it can't identify what the correct spelling should be.
                  iphone spell correction

How to use auto-correct on iPhone and iPad

The auto-correction feature can be a little tricky. The point of auto-correct is to be able to fix spelling mistakes as they come up rather than after you have typed everything out. It can be really fun if used correctly.

  1.            Start typing words.
  2.          As you spell something wrong, auto-correct will show you the word it will replace it with.
  3.        Tap on the spacebar and just keep typing.
Auto-correct will just automatically swap the words out.
                    auto-correct on iphone or ipad

How to undo auto-correct on iPhone and iPad

The auto-correct feature is a ruthless robot and won't recognize the difference between slang and a misspelled word. You can always override the auto-correct feature in instances where you want to keep the word you typed.

  • Start typing words.
  • As you spell something wrong, auto-correct will show you the word it will replace it with.
  • Tap on the auto-corrected word to dismiss auto-correct feature.
  • Keep on typing

                    undo auto-correct on iphone or ipad
How to turn off the auto-correct on iPhone and iPad

Auto-Correct can be annoying at times. If your fingers move too fast,auto-correct feature may change way too much. And, instead of having just a few spelling errors on your screen, you have a whole new sentence - or even paragraph - that doesn't make any sense. If it's getting too annoying for you, you can simply just turn it off.
  • Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  • Tap on General.
  • Tap on Keyboard

                     turn off auto-correct on iphone or ipad
  • Tap on the on/off switch next to Auto-Correction.

                    auto correct on/off switch
Now that the auto-correct robot is deactivated,you can turn it on again by repeating the above steps.


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