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Thursday, 4 February 2016

share files with WhatsApp formats like APK, ZIP, RAR, PDF, EXE and so on

WhatsApp allows us to only share limited file types like audio, video and images but no other types of files. So in this tutorial we will learn how you can share other file types ie. EXE, PDF, RAR etc with WhatsApp.

                                      share files on whatsapp

  Note : You can only share files which are small in size (Not more than 16MB)
How to send these files?

 1) Install Dropbox on your mobile HERE
2) Install CloudSend on your mobile HERE
3) Open CloudSend and authorise the app (It will create a folder “CloudSend” inside Dropbox) 
4) Now select the file (in file manager) which you want to share (by press&hold) and select CloudSend option.
5) Have patience as it will take some time
6) Now select the file (Which is inside the CloudSend folder of Dropbox) and click on share
7) Select WhatsApp
8) Done!!


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