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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Free 300mb Weekly on your MTN Line Using Simple server On PC

MTN Nigeria has been offering their subscribers free Mega Bytes (mb) to download free music on their newly introduced MTN MusicPlus, This bundle is 150mb to all their subscribers for free and they beauty of it is that the you can request for another 150mb once you finish the allocated data. The downside of this is that it can only be used on Mtn MusicPlus website to download the music,
However, this musicplus mb can be tunneled to work as the Latest browsing code with all applications on your android phone and Latest free browsing for  pc.
We will post the full configuration settings for  PC ( Windows Computer - Windows Xp,Vista, 7,8,8.1 and 10) .                                      

The Subscription

To subscribe to MTN Music Plus send D as a text message to 5900.
To check your data balance of the Mtn Musicplus dial *559*2#
Once you exhaust the allocated 150mb, send Cancel7D to 5900 to cancel the mtn music subscription and then send I to 5900 to resubscribe, then you can get another 150mb. This totals 300mb weekly.

For the download and full settings on Pc - Simple server
Stay tuned.
The settings for this MusicPlus is similar to that of the BBLITED, you just have to make some few changes in the settings.


==> You should have at least N15 credit in your MTN line

==> Send a text message by texting C to 5900

==> N15 will be removed/deducted from your sim card and you will be given 150mbHOW TO MAKE IT UNLIMITED OR INCREASE THE MB
==> Once you have exhaust the 150mb and you want to renew it, simply Send cancel7c to 5900 and this will allow you to unsubscribe from the plan.

==> Now send C to 5900 to get another 150mb with another N15

==> The more data you need, the more your N15 will be deducted. Just keep on requesting after you have exhausted your 150mb.

MTN MusicPlus Settings for PC

This settings is for those that use Windows PC ( Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10) in browsing.
If you are using Android phones please follow this instructions above and make sure you subscribe to the music plus service (Totally free :Smile.

The settings for Pc is not as hard/complicated as that of Android Phones, just download the file, set the profile to start browsing!. Here is the simple instructions to get it working on Windows PC
* Download Simple server for MTN MusicPlus through this link
* Extract the file and and click Simple server.exe the image below -


* This would appear

*just minimise it

Remember to set your browser proxy or any software you will be using to
Proxy Address -
Proxy Port - 8080
Illustration -


Have fun with this Latest browsing code for pc and android..Enjoy!


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