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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

13 Great Tools To schedule instagram posts

According to AdWeek, 28% of time spent online is on social networking. Here are some instances when it is appropriate to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time.

Conferences: If you’re attending or running a conference, schedule out a few updates to post during the conference, such as Instagram videos that pertain to certain sessions. Record special messages to your followers to tell them what you’re doing and that you will share more information afterwards.

Travel: Will you be on an airplane without WiFi or traveling to a location that doesn’t have the best Internet connection? Record videos or share photos of some of the places at your destination. To get your followers involved, share the location and ask for recommendations in the comments. When you get to a reliable connection, respond to your audience.
Large Blocks of Down Time: If you know you’re taking a break from your Instagram audience for a few hours (at the gym, a doctor’s appointment, taking an exam, or meeting), don’t leave your audience hanging. schedule Instagram posts so you can continue to add value for your followers. Then schedule them on Instagram.

Content Promotion: Pull out snippets from your blog posts or product you are promoting  to use in an Instagram update. This is similar to a drip campaign, but done through Instagram. The goal is to provide a valuable piece of information for your audience and to drive them back to your website to read the full article.

The top thirteen are detailed below.
As a word of caution: if you manage more than one Instagram post, always double check you are signed into the correct Instagram account before clicking Share within the Instagram app.

1. Buffer

An incredibly intuitive but powerful app, Buffer allows you to automatically schedule your social media updates to all the major social networks (including Instagram, obviously) in advance. If you’re using the free plan, you can schedule up to 10 posts for each social network. If you want more, you’ll have to upgrade.
If you find an image you want to post to Instagram, you can schedule this via Buffer’s web app, mobile app (iOS, Android), or Chrome extension).
Upload your photo or video to Buffer, write out your caption, add some popular emojis and hashtags, then schedule the post. When the time to post comes around, you’ll receive a notification from the Buffer app on your smartphone. Hit Open in Instagram, and the image along with the caption will be copied to Instagram ready for you to edit, tag people, and post.

2. Publish (Formerly TakeOff)

With over 1 million users, Publish (free on Web, iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension) works in a similar way to Buffer, but you can only schedule to Instagram and Twitter.
Once you’ve prepared a post in Publish and selected which accounts you want the post to be sent to (Twitter and/or Instagram), you’re then given three options. You can either publish the post now, schedule it for a specific time, or have Publish pick a time for you. Publish claims its automatically-picked times are geared toward when most of your followers are online.
When the time comes to post, you’ll be sent a reminder on your phone (provided you have installed the app). Click on the reminder, and Instagram will open, displaying your image. Your caption will have been copied to your clipboard ready to paste to Instagram.

3. Later (formerly Latergramme)

Later is a platform more aimed at the professional marketer or Instagram power-user than the layperson.
On the free and paid accounts, you can bulk upload tons of media at once (including from Dropbox or Google Drive) ready to deal with later. Note that you can only schedule 30 posts per month on the free account.
From within Later, you can also search for other Instagram posts based on username or hashtag. Any posts you like can be saved to your media list, ready to be scheduled on your own account (get the authors permission first!)
Once you’ve scheduled your posts on the visual web calendar, including crafting a caption designed to increase likes and comments, you’ll receive a notification on your phone when it’s time to publish. You can then post the image via Instagram.

With the Latergramme mobile app you can create and schedule Instagram posts.
Where Latergramme differs from ScheduGram is that instead of scheduling and posting updates to Instagram for you, they will remind you when it’s time to post.
It’s then up to you to approve and post them from their web app or mobile app.

4. Hootsuite

A powerful social media management suite, Hootsuite is used by over 10 million professionals. With their free account, you can manage up to three profiles, including Instagram. If you need to manage more accounts than that, you’ll have to upgrade to the $10 per month plan.
Once you’ve signed in, add your Instagram profile to your dashboard. During this process, you’ll give permission to Hootsuite to send push-notifications to your phone (from the Hootsuite app). You’re now ready to compose and schedule your photo or video post.
When the scheduled time comes, click on the push notification. This will open the Hootsuite app where you can make any final changes to the post. Then click Open in Instagram to copy that information across to the Instagram app. The image will display automatically, the caption will be copied to your phone’s clipboard ready to paste. make any final adjustments (such as applying a filter), then publish the post.

5. TakeOff

TakeOff is part of the tool, Crowdfire, a social media management tool. Their initial plan is free for one account. After that, they increase to $10 per month.
This will get you:
2 Linked accounts
1 Team member
Hide previously unfollowed users
And more
Another great feature of TakeOff is that they offer a companion mobile app.
With the companion app, here is what you can do from your mobile device:

Schedule updates to your Instagram accounts using their webapp or mobile app available for iOS or Android.
  • View your latest followers on Instagram
  • Unfollow your unfollowers
  • Track your competiton

6. ScheduGram


ScheduGram is one of the most popular tools for scheduling Instagram posts.
Here are some features of ScheduGram.
Upload photos and videos from the web
Crop, add filters and text, or rotate images
Post Instagram updates now or schedule them for later
Bulk upload multiple posts for Instagram
Manage multiple Instagram accounts
Create multiple users to manage all of your scheduled Instagram content

Cost: Starts at $20 per month for 1 Instagram account
ScheduGram also offers a 7 day trial if you want to see how this scheduling tool works for your Instagram account.

7. ViralTag

If you Instagram and Pinterest play a big role in your business, you may want to give Viraltag a try.
Not only can you schedule Instagram posts, but Viraltag also let’s you schedule posts for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Another feature they offer is the ability to customize your Instagram posts according to your brand.
With this feature, you’ll be able to add multiple product links to your Instagram posts to help you sell on Instagram.
Some other useful features of Viraltag include:
Identify the best times to post on Instagram (and other social networks)
Find quality content from customers on Instagram
Curate content from RSS feeds
When you compare pricing, Viraltag runs $24 per month for:
1 User
Up to 10,000 followers
Unlimited posts
If you want to be able to make your Instagram account shoppable, you’ll need to upgrade to their higher plans.
Overall, Viraltag offers a lot for businesses looking to not only schedule Instagram updates, but also sell on Instagram.

8. Onlypult (formerly Instapult)

Onlypult is another tool for scheduling posts to Instagram.
With Onlypult, you get a number of additional features besides just scheduling content to Instagram.
Upload photos and videos from a computer to Instagram
Manage up to 40 Instagam accounts
Create multiple user accounts
Track and measure Instagram analytics
Track your competitors
Onlypult starts at just $12 per month. There is also a 7 day trial available if you want to compare it to other scheduling tools.
With their base plan, you can:
Manage 3 accounts
Schedule posts
Add 1 manager
Track up to 10 users

 9. Machinegram

There are a lot of Instagram scheduling platforms available.
If you schedule a lot of Instagram content though, you’ll want to be sure you check out each tool. Some limit how many updates you can schedule.
One that doesn't is Machinegram.
For around $10 per Instagram account, you get unlimited scheduling.
You also get the following with Machinegram:
Schedule Instagram updates
Manage multiple Instagram profiles at once
Repost pictures and captions
Share Instagram updates to your Facebook Page
Share Instagram updates to Twitter
Automate the management of your Instagram accounts
And more

10. Mass Planner

Mass Planner is a social media automation tool.
Like Hootsuite, Mass Planner is an Instagram scheduling tool, but can also be used to manage other social media channels.
Here are some additional features of this Instagram scheduling tool:
Auto-follow other Instagram users
Unfollow Instagram accounts from Mass Planner
Auto-comment on new posts
Delete Instagram posts
And more
Because Mass Planner can manage additional social media accounts, it is priced comparably to Hootsuite at $10 per month.
You can also try Mass Planner for five days to see if it meets your needs.

11. Autogrammer

One last Instagram scheduler is Autogrammer.
Autogrammer provides similar functionality to the other Instagram scheduling tools mentioned.
With Autogrammer, you can:
Schedule your Instagram posts
Manage multiple accounts
Edit photos (crop, filter, rotate, color correct)
Bulk upload images
Autogrammer costs $19 per month per Instagram account, which can add up quickly if you need to schedule updates to multiple Instagram accounts,
One thing that they don’t do is let you upload videos.
If Instagram videos are important to your business, you might want to look at some of the other tools such as ScheduGram or Latergramme as they let you do more on Instagram.
Autogrammer is $19 per month per Instagram account.
There is a 7-day trial of Autogrammer if you want to test out the Instagram tool to see if it meets your needs.

12. Sprout Social
Sprout Social. Makes it easy to upload your image, finalize your content and schedule it. Simply schedule your post from Sprout, and when it’s time to post you’ll receive a push notification from the mobile app.
When you get the notification, tap the “Share on Instagram” mobile button to send the post to the native Instagram app. There you simply paste the caption (which is automatically copied to your clipboard after you tap to share) and make your final edits to the post.

13. Busy

Instagram publishing for agencies & professionals. Upload your media and schedule a time — it does the rest.
Schedule months ahead, or make last-minute changes — in real-time. Our calendar gives you a weekly overview of what you have planned.
You simply drag photos or videos off your media pool right onto the calendar, type a caption and your post is scheduled.

I’ve tested some of the apps mentioned in this article, and they all worked like a charm. Which you choose to use will of course depend on your budget, how much of an Instagram-power user you are, and how many social media profiles you want to manage.



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