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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to download movies free with showbox apk and Iphone Versions

Streaming and downloading of  HD movies can be done for free on showbox apk, and iphone apps. The newly upgraded features of our Smartphones these days have really made our life Richer. gone are the days when people use their phones for just calling and texting. 
There are apps available on our smartphones that can keep us entertained for hours. This post would show you how to download movies free with showbox apk,and Iphone Versions.

Download ShowBox APK

Showbox app for android is not available on Google play store or any other Android app market. which is why you need the Showbox apk XDA file.The latest version is available for you, since the developers keep killing the bugs in new versions. Have fun downloading it on your android phone, and watch latest movies online.

Here are key points you need to keep in mind!
·         Download the latest showbox apk file from this official link.
·         Run the setup and click on Install.
·         You're ready to use the app within 2 minutes.
·         Open the app and start enjoying!
                                          SHOWBOX APK
1.      It is light in size and easy to download.
2.      All the features are free to use.
3.      The movies & TV shows get a weekly and daily update.
4.      You can filter the movies by Genre, Year, Rating and type.
5.      Subtitles are available to make your movie experience hassle free.
6.      In the library, you can add your favorite shows and movies to watch them later on.
7.      The latest Showbox APK version offers the new Music feature as well.
8.      The movies can either be watched with MX player or any external video player of your choice like VLC media player.
9.      You can also stream these movies on chromecast.
10.  All the latest versions have bug fixes.​

Download ShowBox On Iphone

Unfortunately, Showbox for IPhone and IPad is not available yet on the App store, users may need to substitute Showbox with other entertainment apps with the same features and attributes.Downloading Showbox on IPhone or IPad is only possible after jailbreaking which can ruin the warranty of your new Iphone device. since iOS platform doesn’t support and execute external app installation. But the hope doesn’t end here, instead of this app, iOS users may download these wonderful alternatives  Popcorn Time and Movie Box.
                        Showbox for IPhone and IPad
I hope with this tutorial you will enjoy watching HD movies free with showbox apk,and Iphone versions.



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