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Monday, 3 July 2017

Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly? Try These Fix

Is your cell phone getting excessively hot lately? well there are so many factors that cause overheating, since our phones are electronic devices, it is normally for it to get warm from time to time. however, danger arises when it gets so hot that you feel it is about to burn a hole in your pocket or it shuts itself down.
This guide would highlight the various causes, effects and proper solution to over-heating of our smartphones.
                                    my Phone Overheating

What causes Over-heating of our Phones

Weather and Direct sunlight

During the hot season or summer, the external temperature of the environment and direct sunlight affects that of our phones, because most of the internal components of our phones are metallic, and metals respond easily to any change in temperature.

Too Many Apps Running In The Background

Allowing applications that you are not using to run in the background, increases the temperature of your phone, and runs down the battery. On an iPhone for example, you can simply press your home button twice and swipe the apps away. Closing these down not only saves battery but also decreases how hard your phone works, which in turn decreases heat.

The Level of Your Phone Brightness

This is very similar to running background apps; turning your brightness up will affect battery, forcing it to work harder. Instead of turning your brightness up, buy a glare screen. You’ll be able to use your phone in the sun no matter how bright it is.

Heavy streaming

Watching videos and other media content online is one of the things that make smartphones so great. Watching a movie when traveling can make the time go by a lot faster. Watching movies and playing videos constantly however require more work from the phones processor and not only can it consume a lot of power but it can cause things to get warmer too, especially that of a higher resolution.

Heavy gaming

There are so many fun and entertaining games available these days. However, some of these games and applications require more processing power than others depending on the complexity of the app and when you add this required processing power with lengthy usage then things can start to heat up a bit.
You have to remember that many games may require other resources from your phone as well. Many apps require a data connection which means that your phone not only has to run the game but also an internet connection through mobile data or Wi-Fi data.

Other causes of a phone over-heating is a bad battery, poor ventilation, water damage, outdated software, damaged hardware etc.

Effects of  Cellphone Overheating.

overheating affects your phone's performance. This is due to an effect called throttling. Throttling is a process in which if your processor gets above it's threshold temperature or the max temp at which it can work without getting any kind of damage to itself , then in that case CPU frequency is brought down so as to protect CPU from getting overheated beyond its threshold. And if your CPU frequency gets lowered then obviously it won't be able to process the instructions at a much faster rate at which it was able to process it previously hence performance will get hampered or the speed will go down.
Smartphones have many electronic components which deteriorate over time. Overheating adds to this deterioration.

Processors are smart so when they get overheated, they are programmed to reduce the clock rate at such times(this is why you see lags after playing heavy games for longer periods) to reduce the heat produced.
So over heating will temporarily slow down your phone and may also have ill-effects in a long run.Besides these batteries are worst affected by the heat. The life of the battery is shortened to a great extent. Phones and batteries are becoming thinner so the risk is much higher as the space for heat dissipation inside the phone.

10 ways To cool Down Your Android Phone

cool Down Your Android Phonecool Down Your Android Phone

Stop Overusing the Phone

Instead of blaming the Android phone for overheating, let’s check our usage habits first. Smartphones are powerful, but they are not made for continuous use unlike gaming consoles or PCs . Simply because they have limited cooling system (and space) and they depend on a battery that generates more heat.

Overheating Battery

A defective battery is the most common reason for phone overheating. Your phone might be fine, but if your phone battery is overheating then it could heat up the whole phone. To detect a faulty battery, see if the back of your phone is overheating more than the other areas. Also, try taking out battery and compare how much it is hot as compared to the phone.
Also you can check your cell phone temperature monitor with this code *#*#4636#*#* on most android phones
or this app

Android Phone Overheating While Charging

make sure the phone is not put in a suffocating place while charging, like under the pillow. As charging is already creating heat, more heating resources could lead to overheating the phone.

Also keep in mind to never charge and use a heavy application/game simultaneously on a phone. Charging phone generates heat and a heavy software leads to forcing all phone components to heat up, this can overheat your phone.

Your Android Phone’s Case

Cases are usually made of insulator material, like plastic or leather. Such material can keep the heat inside and cold outside, leading to overheating. Remove the case of the phone and use it to see if it still gets hot.

Malware and Viruses

A malware could also be the cause of overheating because such malicious programs are not configured to be easy on the resources. Download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus and scan your phone for any malware or viruses.

Control Background Apps

Many apps run in the background to offer their features, so even if you close them; they are still using resources and heating up the phone. You can go to Settings > Apps > Background Apps to see all the apps running in the background and stop them. However, I will recommend you to try out free Greenify app for Android that can automate this process.

Use Clean Master To Cool Down Your Phone

Clean Master is an amazing Android app that offers all the features you need to minimize resource usage and cool down your phone. It has a cooler option that automatically detects phone heating up and prompt you to press the button to cool it down. This feature will automatically find apps that are overheating the phone and stop them.

Playing with Phone Features and Settings

Continuous use of Wi-Fi can heat up the phone. Turn off Wi-Fi every now and then when you are not using it to ease things up.
Refrain from using resource hungry apps. DU Phone Cooler app can help find resource hungry apps that may be causing overheating and let you disable or uninstall them.
Keep bluetooth off all the time, unless needed.

Turn off vibration (of any kind) if it isn’t necessary.

Turn down brightness, more brightness mean more pressure on battery; and it is bad for your eyes as well.

Avoid using the phone as hotspot.

If your phone storage is too close to full, then delete some of the data. More data slows down the phone and also contributes to heating.
Don’t go overboard with widgets, only use the one that are necessary. Widgets use resources to update information in real-time.

Android Phone Overheating During Call

On average, 1 hour of continuous call should make the phone warm, but not hot enough to be of any danger.

Try to keep your calls below an hour with extended breaks in between. If you find your phone to be heating up rather quickly, then use headphones or Speaker to make a call without touching the phone. There is a chance your phone’s speakers might be damaged as well, you will have to get them checked from a phone repairer if you have any doubts.

Give a Safe Environment To Your Phone

External environment also play an important role. Make sure your phone is away from any type of heating sources, this includes warm clothes, your pocket, your backpack, the Sun, pillow and anything that could transmit heat to your phone. If your phone is still overheating, put it in front of a fan to help it cool down faster.
In conclusion, Over usage of phone is usually the main reason for occasional overheating. However, if your phone is continuously overheating, then the battery or a malware could be the reason. Furthermore, if you have a very old phone, then upgrading to a newer phone is the best option to fix overheating phone issue.


  1. Such an informative post, I notice before too that my android phone keeps on boiling like water, dunno why and luckily change it to more advance one but yeah in terms of updating android systems it reheating again.

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  3. Great tips. I have noticed that by cutting my screen brightness on half, it rarely gets hot anymore. That is definitely a good suggestion.

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