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Sunday, 24 September 2017

How To Watch YouTube Videos on 9mobile Network for Free (Free Browsing)

Streaming YouTube videos is absolutely free with 9mobile CLIQ4DNITE … but with conditions attached! This was announced some days back on their twitter handle.
When you get any of 9mobile monthly data plans, Youtube video streaming is absolutely free for you from the hour of 1am - 5am. A very good reason why they have chosen this odd hour for this free youtube streaming is not far fetched, as Midnight is an offPeak period, where they have less load on their network, since most people would be asleep. It would be cool though if it was around 10pm – 5am?
This must definitely be for Vigilante night surfers or those that find it difficult to sleep at night. This is a good development and I must commend 9mobile for it, because there are really a lot to learn from streaming on YouTube. Those that always watch movies on YouTube at night will find this handy.

Note: If you face any difficulty streaming at midnight (1-5am) YouTube videos for free as promised by 9mobile, change your internet settings APN from etisalat to 9mobile and you are good to go.

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  1. Wow,,, seriously,,,, this is very helpful anyways thanks for this, but I actually saw something similar recently on How To Get Free 2GB Data Every Night On 9Mobile To Browse

    Please what do you think about that... thanks...

  2. Thanks, this is really helpful!
    Great job!

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