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Friday, 9 November 2018

30+ Everyday Items Have Uses You Didn’t Even Know Existed

There are things right under our nose that can be making our lives easier if only we observed more closely.
Sound untrue? Just wait and see. The 30+ items below have uses that very few people regularly take advantage of. And since they're here to make our lives easier, it's about time we became aware of them! So, we’re going to tell you about it today.

Backpacks are built to carry more than their pockets hold. Even something as simple as a doorknob has more than one function. You'll be astounded at how many products are designed to make our lives easy.

Those little buttons on your jeans, those rugged marks on your tires, and the tab at the end of your measuring tape. You know what we’re talking about. But you don’t know exactly what they do.

Here Are 35+ Everyday Items You Didn’t Know Had A Purpose:

1.) Brass doorknobs are lifeSavers

Brass doorknobs are antibacterial
If you’ve noticed that many doorknobs are made of brass, that’s because The surfaces of copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial.Hence, prevent the spread of germs.
Brass kills bacteria, making the doorknobs germ-proof, which is ideal when so many hands touch them each day

2.) Small hole on an elevator door?

Small hole on an elevator door
Ever notice the small hole on an elevator door? That’s there so that staff can get it open in case of emergency.

A drop key can open the door.


  1. Interesting! I knew about the bumps on the keys (my mom was a typing teacher) but none of the others!

  2. I did not know about this! Thank you for educating me!

  3. LOL I knew about the F and J keys. That's how I learned how to type! Great list though.

  4. omg these are soooo cool! lol, love this post, I've always wondered why the Bic cap had a hole lol, thanks a lot for the awesome post.


  5. Such a simple but very informative article. I don't really notice a small hole in a plane window and thank you for giving this information now I know the purpose of this hole in a plane.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I knew some and some were new to me! Thanks!

  7. Nice post and this is something that I need to remember thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. I never knew there were holes in airplane windows which kinda freaks me out. Now I am going to be looking for them every time. I love articles like this... makes you think!

  9. I didn't know most of these! Most of them didn't even occur to me. Glad to have come across this post.

  10. Oh wow, This made my day. I never knew about these things. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Never noticed those holes in airplanes :o

  12. My computer keys no longer have the bumps. But the ones at the school still do.
    Thanks for sharing


  13. This is such an informative article! I never noticed those holes in airplanes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Very interesting! I need to be more aware!!

  15. When I clicked on the fb icon on the top right sidebar it took me to fb but, not to your page. I will look it up to like it.


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